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The library will retrieve and restore works published in Afghanistan between 1870 and 1930; the long-term objective is to collect, catalogue, digitize and provide access to as many of this period's publications as possible. The Afghanistan Digital Library is a project of New York University Libraries with the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, The Reed Foundation, and the W.L.S. Spencer Foundation.
From the Asia Society. Arts & culture, business & economics, policy & government, culture & history.
The Digital Himalaya Project is digitising archival collections of ethnographic information from the Himalayan region. Five major collections are being digitised in the first phase of the project. Each includes different media and covers a number of geographical areas and ethnic populations of the Himalayas. At the moment, only individual examples from each collection are available for online viewing. In time, larger selections will be accessible in searchable databases that include still photographs, film clips, sound recordings, and textual materials.
In Chinese.
The Digital Library of India is digitizing "all the significant literary, artistic, and scientific works of mankind and making them freely available, in every corner of the world, for our education, study and appreciation and for all our future generations."
From the University of Chicago. Maps, books, journals, photographs.
The mother of all Asian studies sites.
East Asian digital resources arranged by subject.
This web site and associated WWW pages provide hundreds of links to things Sinological which concern librarians. Most of the links are to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.
Hundred of links to organisations and resources in Hong Kong.
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