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Susanne Dobratz and Heike Neuroth describe nestor, the German Network of Expertise in long-term storage of digital resources. They provide a convenient checklist of issues to be addressed in any digital preservation project. (D-Lib Magazine 10(4) April 2004).
This is a German project to create a network of expertise in digital preservation for Germany. The emphasis is put on long-term accessibility of digital resources and not that much on pure preservation aspects. Within the project the following will be created: a web-based information forum with information on different aspects of long-term archiving and long-term accessibility of digital resources in German; a platform for information and communication; criteria for trusted digital repositories; recommendations for certification procedures of digital repositories; recommendations for collecting guidelines and selection criteria of digital resources to be archived; guidelines and policies for the long-term preservation of digital resources; the concept for a permanent organisation form of the “network of expertise in digital preservation” and its information forum in Germany. The website is in German and English.
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