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Alice Tarlton reports on the 1.7m Dspace project, being developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the US, will provide a digital repository of academic information from Cambridge University that could potentially be accessed by anyone with a Google search engine. (Guardian.co.uk 11 February 2003)
Jim McCue says The British Library has asked IBM to design a pilot digital store, below ground at St Pancras. It is starting with material of British interest. (Times Online 29 April 2002)
A report from the GAO to Congressional Requesters dated June 2002 discussing the National Archives & Record Administration's efforts to aquire an advanced electronic records archiving system.
Heleen Gierveld proposes a market-oriented approach to increase the rate of deposit to an Institutional Repository. (Ariadne, #49, October 2006).
Steve Hitchcock provides a list of lists of archives. (4 April 2003)
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