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Jeffrey R. Young provides an overview of archiving and who is doing what. (The Chronicle of Higher Education 5 July 2002)
Can we guarantee permanent access to digital publications while software and hardware are constantly changing? Erik Oltmans and Nanda Kol discuss life cycle management issues as they relate to two prominent digital preservation techniques: migration and emulation. (RLG DigiNews 9(2) 15 April 2005).
Gerard van Westrienen and Clifford A. Lynch describe the growth and development of institutional repositories in 13 countries. (D-Lib Magazine 11(9) September 2005).
Hisayoshi Harada provides an overview of digitisation at the National Diet Library, Japan. (RLG DigiNews 7(2) 15 April 2003)
John Mark Ockerbloom discusses ways that libraries can plan for the preservation of electronic journals and other digital resources in PDF format. (RLG DigiNews 15 February 2001 5(1)).
The challenge for the archivist is not only to understand the nature of these technical dependencies, but also to continually monitor changes that threaten the continued accessibility of electronic records. Adrian Brown describes the technical registry system called PRONOM which features a database containing detailed information about the technical components required to access or process an electronic record. (RLG DigiNews 9(2) 15 April 2005).
Peter Horsman and Klaartje Pompe describe the creation of a digital archive in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (RLG DigiNews 9(6) 15 December 2005). ISSN 1093-5371.
Full text of the report Commissioned for and sponsored by the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, Library of Congress.
Alice Tarlton reports on the 1.7m Dspace project, being developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the US, will provide a digital repository of academic information from Cambridge University that could potentially be accessed by anyone with a Google search engine. (Guardian.co.uk 11 February 2003)
Jim McCue says The British Library has asked IBM to design a pilot digital store, below ground at St Pancras. It is starting with material of British interest. (Times Online 29 April 2002)
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