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Many annotated links to sites that deal with plagiarism and copyright. Has special sections for instructors and students.
Liz Lightfoot reports that British universities have reported a huge rise in plagiarism among students who take material from the internet and present it as their own. A survey of universities found 1,600 cases this year. (The Telegraph 17 July 2003)
David G. Savage writes "For copyright holders from the early 20th century, it was simply a matter of doing the math: An author of a book published in 1927 would have the exclusive rights to the work for 28 years, as well as the right to extend the copyright for another 28 years. However, by 1983, the book - or song or movie - would slide into the public domain, its 56 years of protection having expired. But that deadline never came. Congress repeatedly extended the copyrights, first for short periods and, most recently, for an extra 20 years. And that applied to all works, whether or not the owners or their heirs had any interest in extending the copyrights of long-forgotten novels or tunes." (ABA Journal.com 7 October 2002)
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