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This is the report of the UK's Commission on Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR) which was asked to consider: 1) How national IPR regimes could best be designed to benefit developing countries within the context of international agreements, including TRIPS. 2) How the international framework of rules and agreements might be improved and developed, for instance in the area of traditional knowledge - and the relationship between IPR rules and regimes covering access to genetic resources. 3) The broader policy framework needed to complement intellectual property regimes, including for instance controlling anti-competitive practices through competition policy and law. (September 2002)
The role of this briefing paper from JISC Legal Information Service authored by Dr. Theo Andrew, is to emphasize the issues involved when converting paper-based theses into digital format. (22 September 2004).
Terrence A. Maxwell presents the results of a dynamic simulation of the publishing industry in the United States from 1800 to 2100, and tests the impact of different protection schemes on the development of authorship, the publishing industry, and reader access. (First Monday 9(9) September 2004).
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