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Country : Hong Kong;
Owner : Chinese Univesity of Hong Kong
Host : CUHK Library
Subject : Language & Literature
Database of literature from Hong Kong, containing some 200,000 texts. The database is searchable for author, title, abstract, andkeywords. Full text search is also available for literature that appeared in the journals Zhongguo xuesheng zhoubao, Xianggang wenxue, and Shifeng. Other sources for the database include monograph and periodical holdings of the library of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, University theses, as well as newspaper literature columns. In Chinese.
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Country : China;
Owner : Toyo-Bunko
Host : Toyo-Bunko
Subject : Language & Literature
A search engine for the 1,800 titles and subtitles contained in this collection of pre-1781 Chinese classics, histories, philosophical works, and poetry collections that should have been included in the original Siku-Quanshu; and every kind of scientific work written from 1781 on.
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