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Country : India;
Owner : Vakilno1.com
Host : Vakilno1.com
Subject : Law
Menu driven database of full text laws of India in English. Subjects covered include: Banking, Consumer Law, Corporate Law, Criminal and Motor Accident Law, Direct Tax, Environment, Family, Foreign Exchange, Indirect Tax, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Insurance, Legal and Professional Law, Media, Miscellaneous Law,NRIs, Property, Service and Labour Laws.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : WHO
Host : WHO
Subject : Medicine & Health
A database of the worlds' venomous snakes with plenty from Asia. Images, descriptions, venom, antivenom producers, maps.
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Country : China;
Owner : Department of Chinese Studies and the Sinological Library at Leiden University;Research Centre for Translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Host : University of Leoioden
Subject : Language & Literature
The database lists Dutch-language, direct and relay translations of works originally written in Chinese. It includes book titles in poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and drama. The database will be expanded to include journal publications.
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Country : Asia; China; India; Japan;
Owner : Victoria & Albert Museum
Host : Victoria & Albert Museum
Subject : Arts
A databases of more than 16,000 works and over 20,000 images from the V&A collections. The database covers a wide range of objects, including ceramics, fashion, furniture, glass, metalwork, paintings, photographs, prints, sculpture, and textiles. Asia well represented: India - 2,500 hits; China 1,900; Japan 621.
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Country : Vietnam;
Owner : University of Washington Libraries
Host : University of Washington Libraries
Subject : History
From teh website: 'The information for Peoples Protest Database was researched and prepared by the UW Libraries Special Collections Division and Cataloging staff in 2003-4. The text are selections from Vietnam War era ephemera collection of printed ephemera including pamphlets, posters, manifestos, newsletters, booklets, and open letters created by the various Seattle-area and University of Washington manifestations of American civil rights and protest movements of the late 1960's and 1970's. The material centers mainly around the Vietnam War, but includes much about feminism, racism, socialism, labor unions and the rights of farm workers, gay rights, environmental and economic boycotts of large corporations and agro-industry, prisoners' rights, and the Iranian revolution of 1979. Documents include the publications of groups such as the Seattle Liberation Front, the UW chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, the Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, WashPIRG, Young Socialist Alliance, UW Staff Rights Organizing Committee, Seattle Gay Liberation Front, Students Against Violent Expression, United Workers Union, and the Northwest Nihilist League. The majority of the materials dates from 1970-1973. The database also includes a selection from the Seattle underground newspaper The Helix edited by Paul Dorpat and illustrated in part by Walt Crowley.'
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Country : Vietnam;
Owner : U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Host : NARA
Subject : History
Searchable files on the Vietnam War on naval bombarment, air sorties, contracts, and losses and expenditure data.
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Country : Vietnam;
Owner : Vietnam Center
Host : Texas Tech University
Subject : History
In 1989, the Board of Regents of Texas Tech University voted to establish the Center for the Study of the Vietnam Conflict (subsequently renamed the Vietnam Center) and its supporting Vietnam Archive. In the intervening years, the Vietnam Archive has grown to be one of the largest, most significant collections outside of the federal government. The Virtual Vietnam Archive provides public access to the records of the Vietnam War. 318,000 pages of full text and graphics.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : NASA
Host : NASA
Subject : Geography
A searchable catalogue of images and animations of earth includes satellite images and aerial photography. Many images of Asian contries and features such as the Himalayas.
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Country : China;
Owner : Bristol University
Host : Bristol University
Subject : History
8,000 digitised images of photographs of China taken between 1850 and 1950. Many are previously unseen and come from private collections and major collections such as Historical Photographs of China, the Sir Robert Hart Collection and Joseph Needham's Photographs of Wartime China. Users are invited to comment on or annotate these images.
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