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Country : Asia;
Owner : Australian National University and Victoria University of Technology
Host : Australian National University
Subject : Economics
NAPES is a comprehensive database of long-term economic indicators for the Asia-Pacific region covering bilateral trade, economic and industrial research and development and patents. This database has been developed jointly by the Australian National University and Victoria University of Technology.
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Country : Philippines;
Owner : University of Wisconsin
Host : University of Wisconsin
Subject : Defence
249 searchable photographs depicting the Second World War against Japan in the Philippines. A few photographs show occupations and images of Manila in the mid 20th century. This collection is part of the SouthEast Asian Images & Texts digital library of the University of Wisonsin.
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Country : Korea;
Owner : National Assembly Library of the Republic of Korea
Host :
Subject : All subjects
Searchable database for journals and magazines, master's and doctoral theses, and more. A description of contents is here: http://www.tbmm.gov.tr/aplap/turkey2002/Korea.doc
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Country : India;
Owner :
Host : Digital South Asia Library, University of Chicago
Subject : Catalogues & Directories
The National Bibliography of Indian Literature: 1901 - 1953 (NBIL); 4 v. (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 1962 - 1974), is a selective bibliography. In addition to the original four volumes of the bibliography, the project was extended to include a fifth volume (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 1990), ed. by Kartik Chandra Dutt. Nearly 56,000 titles with imprints prior to 1954 in twenty-two Indian languages are listed in the bibliography. The scope of the NBIL is defined in the introduction as encompassing books "of literary merit, and important and significant books on Philosophy, Religion, History and the other aspects of the Humanities, written with originality, imagination and literary taste . . . ." In other words, the title of the bibliography should be construed broadly to include all of the humanities.
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Country : China;
Owner : NBSC
Host : NBSC
Subject : Statistics
The National Bureau of Statistics is in charge of statistics and economic accounting in China. Website is searchable and includes statistics on industrial growth, output, post and telecoms, investment, consumer price index and many more.
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Country : India;
Owner : Ministry of Tourism and Culture
Host : namami
Subject : History
Namami unearths and preserves the vast manuscript wealth of India. Each is documented for a National Electronic Database that currently contains information on one million manuscripts making this the largest database on Indian manuscripts in the world, the rarest and most endangered of which are digitized.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : George Washington University
Host : George Washington University
Subject : Defence
Searchable collection of U.S. government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Serves as a repository of documents concerning national security, intelligence, foreign and economic policies of the United States. Asia well represented including Vietnam War, terrorism in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden, China and East Asia, South Asia and so on.
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Country :
Owner : Nationmaster.com
Host : Nationmaster.com
Subject : Statistics
A huge database of statistics on every subject. Searchable. Results can be displayed as maps and graphs, pie charts, correlations etc. Asian statistics well represented. There is a subscription service but basic searches and display of data is free of charge.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : U.S. Geological Survey
Host : U.S. Geological Survey
Subject : Seismology
A database of earthquakes from the earliest times to the present. Asia well represented.
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Country : India;
Owner : Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, MNTL
Host : Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, MNTL
Subject : Catalogues & Directories
Residential telephone numbers for New Delhi, India.
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