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Country : Cambodia;
Owner : Cambodian Genocide Program
Host : Yale University
Subject : History
The following databases are offered: 1. CGP Bibliographic Database (CBIB). Bibliographic information on 3,000 books, articles, maps, primary documents, audio recordings, and video recordings. Contains links to scanned images. 2. CGP Biographic Database (CBIO). Information on over 19,000 individuals collected from many different sources, including interviews. 3. CGP Tuol Sleng Image Database (CTS). Over 5,000 photographs from Tuol Sleng (prepared by the Photo Archive Group). 6. CGP Geographic Database (CGEO). A large interactive political and geographic map of the genocide.
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Country : India;
Owner : CMIE
Host : CMIE
Subject : Business
CapEx is a database of new and ongoing investment activities in India. An investment project becomes a part of the CapEx database from its inception through to its commissioning. These include projects in the mining, manufacturing, electricity and infrastructure sectors. The database includes about 5,000 projects which are classified by industry, ownership, status of implementation, type of investments, etc.
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Country : China;
Owner : Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd.
Host : Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd.
Subject : Law
The database collects far-reaching cases in six legal subject areas covering civil, criminal, economic, maritime and intellectual property law in China. All these cases are selected and published by top judicial authority, and therefore can profoundly influence the judgment on similar cases.
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Country : Asia; China;
Owner : American Theological Library Association
Host : American Theological Library Association
Subject : Religion
The Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative of the American Theological Library Association and Association of Theological Schools is a repository of digital resources contributed by member libraries. Phase One of the Initiative has focused on visual materials, including digital images of woodcuts, photographs, slides, papyri, coins, maps, and manuscripts. Asia represented, especially China.
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Country : India;
Owner : Registrar General, India
Host : Registrar General, India
Subject : Statistics
Selected data from the Census of India 1991. Data includes: Population Structure, Nuptiality and Fertility, Literacy and Education, Work Participation, Religion, Language, Housing and Household Amenities, Population Scenario - Past, Present and Future. Menus and data searches offered.
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Country : India;
Owner :
Host : La Trobe University
Subject : Statistics
This website called Digital Colonial Documents presents searchable documents about British India. The census reports for 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 are cross searchable. The text of 1,640 pages is online but not the images. The reports do not contain data on individuals names and addresses but are general summaries of information related to the data collected in the census.
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Country : Asia; Indonesia;
Owner : Centre for Pacific & Asian Studies (University of Nijmegen)
Host : University of Nijmegen
Subject : Sociology
An anthropological research literature database on Oceania. Indonesia is well represented.
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Country : China;
Owner : Chinese University of Hong Kong
Host : Chinese University of Hong Kong
Subject : History
The CHANT Database, which has been awarded over 11million dollars of research funds since its commencement in 1988, is a long-term research project of the Institute of Chinese Studies (CUHK) supported by the Research Grants Committee of Hong Kong. The aim of the database is to publish all pre-600 AD traditional and excavated Chinese texts in hardcopy and electronic formats including the Internet. The database has five components: The database includes five components: pre-220 AD (the Pre-Han and Han period) traditional texts; 220-581 AD (the Weijin period) traditional texts; excavated texts on wood/bamboo strips and silk (Jianbo); excavated oracular inscriptions on tortoise shells and bones (Jiaguwen); traditional as well as excavated bronze inscriptions (Jinwen). A description in English of the database can be found at http://jodi.ecs.soton.ac.uk/Articles/v03/i02/Ho/#2
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Country : Japan;
Owner : Chemical Society of Japan
Host : NII
Subject : Education
The database provides a comprehensive overview of documents pertaining to chemistry education studies. 3,500 records since 1972 in Japanese.
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Country : South Asia;
Owner : University of Chicago
Host : University of Chicago
Subject : Theses
Abstracts of dissertations from each department at the University of Chicago where the subject was geographically focused on Southern Asia.
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