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Country : Afghanistan; Asia; Bangladesh; China; India; Indonesia; Malaysia;
Owner : British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia
Host : BACSA
Subject : History
The British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia, cares for and records European cemeteries wherever the East India Company set foot.
| Online | Free
Country : Indonesia;
Owner : Australian National University
Host : ANU
Subject : History
This Index provides a searchable index to the Balinese Manuscript Collection housed in the Menzies Library of the Australian National University Library. The Balinese Manuscript Project, the Hooykaas-Ketut Sangka (HKS) Project, was set up by Professor C.C. Hooykaas and his Balinese colleague Ketut Sangka in the early 1970s to produce romanised transliterations of the Balinese manuscript corpus. The project, which was conceived by Hooykaas as a way to preserve the Balinese literary heritage before it was irretrievably lost, continued after his death in 1979 under the leadership of Dr Hedi Hinzler of Leiden University, and is still continuing.
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Country : Indonesia;
Owner : Australian National University Library
Host : Australian National University Library
Subject : History
Balinese Manuscript Collection Index is a searchable index to more than 5,200 transcriptions in several broad subject categories including religion, ethics, divination, medicine, history, literature and performing arts.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Owner : INBAR
Host : INBAR
Subject : Agriculture
Bibliographic details and abstracts. The full database is available to INBAR affiliates only (fee required). A free sample database is offered to everybody else.
| Online | Subscription
Country : Thailand;
Owner : University of Pennsylvania
Host : University of Pennsylvania
Subject : Archaeology
Twelve databases contain metric and non-metric observations by individual burial excavated from the BC (1974 excavation) and BCES (1975 excavation) locales at Ban Chiang, Thailand. The databases are in three formats, Microsoft Access 2000, Microsoft Access 97, and comma-delimited text files.
| Online | Free
Country : Bangladesh;
Owner : BDPortals.com
Host :
Subject : News
Daily updated searchable archives of Bangladeshi news. News taken from The Daily Star.
| Online | Free
Country : Hong Kong;
Owner :
Host : University of Hong Kong Library
Subject : Political Science
Materials from the drafting history of Hong Kong's constitution. BLDHO is a joint project of the Centre for Comparative and Public Law and the HKU Libraries. The database offers drafting materials, news coverage, the LEGCo database of debates, and the draft versions of each article in the Basic Law.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Owner : BCIN
Host : BCIN
Subject : Arts
BCIN contains nearly 200,000 citations (thousands of them about Asia), including the first 34 volumes of the Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts (AATA), published between 1955 and 1997.
| Online | Free
Country : China;
Owner :
Host : University of Hong Kong library
Subject : Geography
Jointly constructed by Peking University Library and University of Hong Kong Libraries. The database has text, images, audiovisual and internet resources. Access is for University of Hong Kong only.
| Online | Subscription
Country : China;
Owner : Peking University Library and University of Hong Kong Libraries
Host : University of Hong Kong Library
Subject : Geography
Text, images and audiovisual material. Restricted access.
| Online
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