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Country : Afghanistan; India; Myanmar; Nepal; South Asia;
Owner : The Digital South Asia Library (DSAL), Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, IL, US
Host : DSAL
Subject : History
The Imperial Gazetteer of India. Meyer, William Stevenson, Sir, 1860-1922. Burn, Richard, Sir, 1871-1947. Cotton, James Sutherland, 1847-1918. Risley, Sir Herbert Hope, 1851-1911. New edition, published under the authority of His Majesty's secretary of state for India in council. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1908-1931 [v. 1, 1909]. Searchable facsimile.
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Country : Hong Kong;
Owner : University of Hong Kong
Host : University of Hong Kong Libraries (HKU)
Subject : Political Science
Documents concerning the political life of Christopher Patten, the last Governor of Hong Kong, 1992-1996. Restricted access.
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Country : Asia; Australia;
Owner : ScreenSound Australia. National Screen and Sound Archive
Host : ScreenSound Australia
Subject : Media
The National Collection of Screen and Sound lists over 560,000 items. It spans 100 years of Australia's film, television, radio and recorded sound heritage. There are thousands of references to countries in Asia.
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Country : China; Hong Kong; Taiwan;
Owner : Hong Kong Baptist University Library
Host : Hong Kong Baptist University Library
Subject : News
The Database is a collection newspaper and periodical clippings on Overseas Chinese that was originally collected by the Union Research Institute. The estimated 200,000 clippings are taken from approximately 230 Chinese language newspapers and 40 periodicals, published in 17 countries or regions, from 1950 through 1970. Approximately 42,000 clippings, selected for this project, focus on the Chinese and Taiwanese governments' policies on Overseas Chinese and cover six main topics: government agencies dealing with Overseas Chinese, foreign remittance and investments, Overseas Chinese villages, reception and settlement of returned expatriates, Overseas Chinese education, Overseas Chinese tours and visits. Users can search the clippings by topics, headlines, authors, newspaper or periodical titles, and/or place and date of publication. After selecting the records, users can view the full text images of the clippings.
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Country : China;
Owner : Harvard University
Host : Harvard University
Subject : Religion
Over 1,000 photographs of Muslims and Christian missionaries working in western China in the 1920s and 1930s. The collection is searchable via the VIA catalog.
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Country : Japan;
Owner : University of Tokyo
Host : University of Tokyo
Subject : Religion
The full text of 85 volumes of Taisho Shinshu Daizokyo with the approval of Daizo Shuppan Kabushiki Kaisha, the original publisher of the Taisho Shinshu Daizokyo.
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Country : Asia; China; Singapore; Thailand;
Owner : The Scannery
Host : The Scannery
Subject : Business
Investor related information from public companies around the world. Users can limit their search to the full text of investor related web pages from 11,000 public companies. Many powerful searching and display tools are offered. Many references to Asia: China - 4,400+ hits; Nepal 600+; Singapore 3,500; Thailand 2,400.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham (UK)
Host : AHDS
Subject : Arts
Comprising about 3,000 artifacts, this database of digital images contains many records of Asian frabics especially from India and China. Every record has an image of the textile.
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Country : Australia;
Owner :
Host : La Trobe University
Subject : History
The Tung Wah Times (1902-1936 previously the Tung Wah News 1898-1902) is probably the most important publication in the history of Australia's Chinese communities. The names of people, organisations and places in the index have been translated into mandarin pinyin. Index up to 1930 is currently available.
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Country : Japan;
Owner : East Asian Libraries Cooperative WWW
Host : Ohio State University
Subject : Catalogues & Directories
Contributions from more than 30 North American libraries.
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