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Country : Australia;
Owner : National Library of Australia
Host : National Library of Australia
Subject : News
An online index to The Argus newspaper for the decade 1870-1879. The Argus, the major Australian metropolitan daily of its time, was published in Melbourne from 1846 to 1957. It is the primary resource for data on 19th century Australia. The 1870-1879 index is part of La Trobe University's Argus Index Project and the first available in this form.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : Dpto. de Filologia Clasica e Indoeuropeo, University of Salamanca, Spain
Host : Dpto. de Filologia Clasica e Indoeuropeo, University of Salamanca, Spain
Subject : Religion
ADA aims to be a digital archive containing all Avestan manuscripts spread all over the world. The Avesta, the holy book of the Zoroastrian religion, was last edited at the end of the 90s of the 19th century by the German scholar K. F. Geldner.
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Country : China;
Owner :
Host : Library of Congress 1850-1925
Subject : History
The Chinese in California, 1850-1925 illustrates nineteenth and early twentieth century Chinese immigration to California from 1850 to 1925 through about 8,000 images and pages of primary source materials. Included are photographs, original art, cartoons and other illustrations; letters, excerpts from diaries, business records, and legal documents; as well as pamphlets, broadsides, speeches, sheet music, and other printed matter. These documents describe the experiences of Chinese immigrants in California, including the nature of inter-ethnic tensions. They also document the specific contributions of Chinese immigrants to commerce and business, architecture and art, agriculture and other industries, and cultural and social life in California. Chinatown in San Francisco receives special treatment as the oldest and largest community of Chinese in the United States. Also included is documentation of smaller Chinese communities throughout California, as well as material reflecting on the experiences of individuals. The materials in this online compilation are drawn from collections at The Bancroft Library, University of California Berkeley; The Ethnic Studies Library, University of California Berkeley; and The California Historical Society, San Francisco.
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Country : Korea;
Owner : University of Tokyo. Institute of Oriental Culture
Host : University of Tokyo
Subject : Catalogues & Directories
In Japanese.
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Country : Indonesia;
Owner : Koninklijk Instituut voor taal-, land- en volkenkunde
Host : Koninklijk Instituut
Subject : History
The years around 1900 marked the heyday of Dutch colonial rule in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). Territories outside Java were brought under Dutch rule and the economy was thoroughly modernized. The collection consists of some 3,000 photographs from 1860 to 1940. Most of them were taken by professional photographers.
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Country : China; Japan; Taiwan;
Owner : Lafayette College Libraries
Host : Lafayette College Libraries
Subject : Sociology
Archive of digitized photographs, negatives, postcards, and slides of colonial Taiwan (1900-1945) and occupied Japan (1947-52). The Collection is built around a core of visual materials of Gerald and Rella Warner. Images include the Warners' unpublished slides and negatives, made from snapshots taken during their years of US State Department service in Asia (1932-1952). Rare materials include prewar picture postcards, high-quality commercial prints, and colonial era picture books.
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Country :
Owner : JST
Host : JST
Subject : Science
This database results as a collaboration between JST and the Human Genome Project.
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Country : Asia; Singapore;
Owner : Global Performing Arts Consortium
Host : GloPAD
Subject : Arts
Multilingual descriptions of digital images, texts, video clips, sound recordings, and complex media objects related to the performing arts around the world, plus information about related pieces, productions, performers, and creators. Images, sound recordings, video clips, and 3-D models of the world’s performing arts. with detailed descriptions in standardized formats to enable effective cross-cultural searching
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Country : Hong Kong;
Owner : HKSAR
Host : Goverment Information Centre
Subject : Political Science
Searchable bilingual database of regulations and announcements of the Hong Kong government published in the Gazette.
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Country : China;
Owner : Harvard College
Host : Harvard-Yenching Library
Subject : History
The Harvard-Yenching Library holds some 5,000 photographs and 10,000 negatives taken by Hedda Hammer Morrison (1908-1991) while resident in Beijing from 1933 to 1946. All of the photographs assembled by Hedda Morrison have been cataloged and digitized and can be viewed in VIA (Visual Information Access), the union catalog of visual resources at Harvard.
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