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Country : Asia;
Owner : Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Host : Sipri
Subject : Defence
Covers about 165 countries, many Asian, and contains consistent time series for the period since 1988. SIPRI military expenditure data are based on open sources only, including a SIPRI questionnaire, which is sent out annually to all countries included in the database.
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Country : Southeast Asia;
Owner : National University of Singapore Library
Host : Informit
Subject : Asian Studies
The catalogue of the National University of Singapore Library relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN (as an entity).
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Country : Japan;
Owner : International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken)
Host : Nichibunken
Subject : Medicine & Health
The SODA Collection, originally the collection of the medical historian SODA Hajime (1921-1996) contains books and prints related to the history of medicine, history of pharmacy and the cultural history of medicine. The major portion of digitized resources here is pictorial. 1104 items as of January 2002.
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Country : South Asia; Southeast Asia;
Owner : UC Berkeley. Moffitt Library
Host : UC Berkeley Library
Subject : Media
Menu driven database of video programmes about South and Southeast Asia.
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Country : Asia; South Asia; Southeast Asia;
Owner : University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries
Host : University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries
Subject : Arts
The tapes are produced by Asians for Asians, thus providing a different cultural perspectives than those produced by Westerners about the region. The general criteria used in selecting these videotapes is: Expressions of the past and present "great traditions" of the various cultures of South and Southeast Asia published by both private and government agencies; Samples of productions for the mass "pop culture" market, including popular broadcast TV programming as well as taped versions of locally produced motion pictures of broad commercial appeal; Productions by governmental agencies with the specific purpose of educating viewers about government economic, social and political policies and objectives.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : The Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR); International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)
Host : International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)
Subject : Arts
An annotated bibliographic database on South and Southeast Asian art and archaeology. The ABIA Index continues the old Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology (ABIA). The database is compiled by an international team of specialists brought together in a project initiated in 1997 by The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) in Leiden, The Netherlands. For the period 2002-2006 the project is coordinated by the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR) of the University of Kelaniya, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
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Country : India; South Asia;
Owner : Various
Host : University of Chicago Library
Subject : History
Several bibliographic databases are offered: 1. Official Publications of India; 2. Tamil library catalog of the Roja Muthiah Research Library; 3. Urdu library catalog of the Urdu Research Centre; 4.British Library's Oriental and India Office Collections, holdings of 19th century Indian publications; National Bibliography of Indian Literature: 1901-1953;
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Country : South Asia;
Owner :
Host : Curtin University
Subject : Asian Studies
Contains over 120,000 records listing resources (including books, serials, archive collections and ephemera) about South Asia available in Australia and (in a separate file) over 150,000 records of South Asian materials not known to be held in Australia.
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Country : China; Tibet;
Owner : Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
Host : Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
Subject : Botany
Historic and contemporary photographs from the expeditions encountered on botanical explorations document South Central China and Tibet's landscape, its people, and the relationships between people and plants.
| Online | Free
Country : South Asia;
Owner :
Host : Northern Illinois University
Subject : Asian Studies
The Southeast Asia Digital Library began work in 2005. It supports several initiatives: Upgrades to an online bibliographic index at Thammasat University (Thailand), creating an interface to access the index and providing a full-text article delivery service; Digitization of palm leaf manuscripts from Northeastern Thailand at Khon Kaen University (Thailand); Creation of an archive of historical photographs covering a century of life in Cambodia, in partnership with Arizona State University; Provision of training seminars for librarians at the University of San Carlos’ Cebuano Studies Center (Philippines), covering the latest techniques in preservation, conservation, and digitization, resulting in the creation of an online archive of images and textual materials; Creation of a video archive of contemporary Indonesian television programming, in partnership with the University of Hawai’i, Manoa; Digitization of rare early printed works in the vernacular languages of the region, in collaboration with the British Library and Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation; Creation of a video archive of interviews with former political prisoners in East Timor, in partnership with the Living Memory Project (Australia); Conversion of the Berita Database at Ohio University, a collection of journal articles and other resources from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, to a free-use resource; Digitization of Buddhist murals and cloth paintings in Thai temples, supported by interpretive materials, in partnership with Chiang Mai University (Thailand); Digitization of Vietnamese art objects and criticism, supported by interviews with artists, from the Doi Moi (Renovation) period in Vietnam; Digitization of printed Vietnamese Nom materials, in partnership with the Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation; Development of a bibliographic database of digitized Islamic manuscripts from Indonesia, in partnership with the State Islamic University of Indonesia; Digitization of archival photographs and videos discussing and documenting Indonesian literature and culture, in partnership with the Lontar Foundation (Indonesia); Creation of a video archive of interviews with surviving victims of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia; Digitization of selected works from the Malay and World Civilization Library, National University of Malaysia; Digitization of Buddhist murals in Laos, supported by interpretive materials.
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