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Country : Asia;
Owner : Peace Corps
Host : Peace Corps
Subject : Asian Studies
Searchable full text collection of Peace Corps materials from 1961-present, including photos and stories contributed by Volunteers; digitized newsletters, speeches, annual reports and other historical materials. Asia well represented.
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Country : Indonesia;
Owner : Penelitian Hukum Indonesia
Host : Penelitian Hukum Indonesia
Subject : Law
Penelitian Hukum Indonesia is a company which publishes on CD-ROM in English and Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian law databases. The databases are: Banking; Capital Market; Civil Code; Environment; Insurance; Land; State Gazette; Tax.
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Country :
Owner : Protein Research Foundation
Host : Protein Research Foundation
Subject : Science
This database consists of amino acid sequences of peptides and proteins, including sequences predicted from genes. You can also search literature in which the sequence is presented. Sequences not included in EMBL, GenBank and SwissProt are also found in PRF/SEQDB since it is constructed on the basis of all amino acid sequences of peptides and proteins reported in literature. Contains more than 205,000 records.
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Country : Asia; Brunei Darussalam; Malaysia; Singapore;
Owner : National University of Singapore
Host : NUS
Subject : Asian Studies
PERIND is an index to periodical literature relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN (as an entity), produced by the National University of Singapore. The database covers more than 250 core journals, ranging from the humanities and social sciences to architecture, building, law and medicine. The articles are mainly in English, with a small number in Malay. Most citations date from 1980, though medicine is covered from 1975 and law from 1932. Beginning from mid-1997, the database also covers book chapters and conference papers (both published and unpublished).
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Country : Taiwan;
Owner : National Central Library
Host : National Central Library
Subject : Catalogues & Directories
This database contains records of periodicals and newspapers in any subject and language currently published in Taiwan's Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu areas. Chinese title, English title, Romanize title, ISSN, frequency, the first issue date, language, publisher information, distributor information, price, etc are provided. In Chinese and English.
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Country : Hong Kong; Macau; Taiwan;
Owner : National Central Library, Taiwan
Host : National Central Library, Taiwan
Subject : Asian Studies
PerioPath is created and maintained by the Periodical Section of Reader Services Division of the National Central Library, Taiwan. PerioPath is an online index and a periodical article delivery service. It contains article information of approximately 2,600 titles of Chinese and Western language periodicals published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau from 1991. Searching for bibliographic records is free. English and Chinese records.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : APCEIU
Subject : Asian Studies
Collection of photographs extensively covering a wide-range of cultural aspects of UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region. Photos can be reproduced upon request.
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Country : South Asia;
Owner : University of Cambridge. Centre of South Asian Studies
Host : Cambridge University
Subject : History
100,000 images from South Asia ranging from official portraits to family snapshots. The database, which can be accessed from this page, currently holds details of about 30,000 photographs.
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Country : Asia; Australia;
Owner : National Library of Australia
Host : National Library of Australia
Subject : All subjects
PictureAustralia is implemented by the National Library of Australia. It allows remote users to search many Australian online pictorial collections at the same time including the Nolan Gallery, the National Library of New Zealand, the National Archives of Australia and the State Library of Victoria. The database comprises images that cover all aspects of Australiana: Artworks include paintings, drawings, prints and posters of abstract art, fine art and portraits; Photographs capture people, places and events; Objects include sculpture, scrimshaw, bark, costume, weapons Images may be in black and white or full colour. Images of Asia captured by Australians are numerous as shown by results for the following keywords: Chinese 1,724, India 895, Indonesia 1,269. Many of the images are at least 60 years old and show a world lost forever.
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Country : Indonesia;
Owner : The Prentenkabinet / Study and Documentation Centre for Photography (SDCF), University Library of Leiden,
Host :
Subject : History
Soon after the invention of photography in 1839, a number of photographers set out for the remote colony of the Dutch Indies. They documented the Indonesian treasures photographically. Javanese temples and other antiquities were photographed by Schaefer, Cephas and Van Kinsbergen. Kleingrothe devoted special attention to tropical agriculture. Nieuwenhuis concentrated on the indigenous population. The collection contains 4,500 photographs pertaining to the former Dutch Indies in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
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