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Country : Asia; China;
Owner : T.Matthew Ciolek
Host : ciolek.com
Subject : History
This site supports online research in the field of dromography and provides a public-access electronic archive of geo/chrono-referenced data on land, river and maritime trade routes of Eurasia and Africa during the period 10,000 BCE - circa 1820 CE. Site metadata is as follows: Trade and Communication Routes of the Old World , Electronic Cultural Atlas; Mapping; Cultural features; Electronic Mapping Collection; GIS; Archaeological Computing; Electronic Cartographic Resources; Electronic Maps; China; Ancient Middle East; Eurasian Nomads; Central Asia, Silk Road; historical geography, military roads, postal roads, pilgrimage routes, travel and communication, shipping lanes, ancient trade, ecai-routes mailing list, mapinfo data, hodology, dromos, dromography
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Country : Asia; Japan;
Owner : Kyoto National Museum
Host : Kyoto National Museum
Subject : Arts
Image database of the Kyoto National Museum Collections. 10,000 images of more than 5,000 objects.
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Country : China;
Owner : Toyo-Bunko
Host : Toyo-Bunko
Subject : Language & Literature
Compiled from eight source materials, including seven catalogues published between the years 1965 and 1999. (For more details see Japanese Version).
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Country : Asia;
Owner : Swets
Host : University of Heidelberg
Subject : Asian Studies
"OLC-SSG South Asia is the online contents service of the Special Subject Collection South Asia (Sondersammelgebiet Suedasien) and offers currently access to table of contents of 197 journals relevant to the study and research on culture, politics and languages of South Asia. The journals are mostly indexed back to the year 1993; thus the database contains app. 101,400 articles and reviews. The database is a subject oriented selection of bibliographic data from the Swets Database Online Contents. Access for European libraries and scientific institutions is free.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : Committee to Protect Journalists
Host : CPJ
Subject : Media
Global database of journalists who have suffered violent deaths relating to their work since 1992, many of them from Asia.
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Country : Hong Kong;
Owner :
Host : HKBU Library
Subject : Media
The project aims to provide a channel to video sites on the Intranet and on the Web. It includes the digitized TV programmes of HKBU Library and links to selected educational video web sites on various subjects, including Film Studies, TV channels, Science, Politics, etc.
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Country : Asia; China; India; Japan; Korea; Thailand;
Owner : The Institute of Oriental Culture
Host : The Institute of Oriental Culture
Subject : Catalogues & Directories
There are several databases: Catalogue of Classical and Modern Chinese Books in the IOC Database; Full-text Database of Chinese Rare Book; Data Base for the Korean Genealogy Collection; Data Base of Journal Articles on Modern Chinese Literature; Data Base for the Catalogue of Chinese Magazines Belonging to the Institute; Data Base for Books and Magazines on Modern Korea; Searchable Data Base for South Asian Documentary Materials; Data Base for Islamic Monuments in India; Bibliographic database of the Library of the Institute of Oriental Culture's collection of Thai books; Asia Barometer.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : American Ornithological Union, British Ornithological Union, Birds Australia
Host : Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology
Subject : Biology
OWL is a successor to ROLO, Recent Literature of Ornithology Online and the earlier, printed Recent Literature of Ornithology. The database contains 19,000 records, with an emphasis on serials and gray literature. By 2005 it should contain 100,000 records with the addition of a retrospective file back to 1950. The database has at least 1,000 records about birds in the Asia Pacific region.
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Country :
Owner : Japan National Institute of Genetics
Host : Japan National Institute of Genetics
Subject : Agriculture
The Oryzabase is a comprehensive rice science database established in 2000 by rice researcher's committee in Japan. The database is originally aimed to gather as much knowledge as possible ranging from classical rice genetics to recent genomics and from fundamental information to hot topics. The Oryzabase consists of five parts, (1) genetic resource stock information, (2) gene dictionary, (3) chromosome maps, (4) mutant images, and (5) fundamental knowledge of rice science.
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Country : Taiwan;
Owner :
Host : HKBU Library
Subject : Political Science
Indexes and full-text images of clippings pertaining to the Chinese and Taiwanese government policies on Overseas Chinese from 1950 through 1971.
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