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Country : Asia; China; Japan;
Owner : Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Host : Freer Gallery of Art
Subject : Arts
The library catalogue of one of the finest Asian art libraries in the United States, contains over 80,000 volumes. About half of these publications are in Chinese or Japanese. While the collection is predominantly on Asian art and archaeology, it also collects items relating to the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American painters represented in the Freer's art collections.
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Country : Southeast Asia;
Owner : SEAMEO
Subject : Catalogues & Directories
Search the South East Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) library database for bibliographic information (online catalogue) and link to full text.
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Country : Philippines;
Owner : University of Wisconsin
Host : University of Wisconsin
Subject : History
151 searchable photographs from the late 19th and early 20th century of military, village and social life in the Philippines. This collection is part of the SouthEast Asian Images & Texts digital library of the University of Wisconsi
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Country : Hong Kong;
Owner : Lingnan University
Host : Lingnan University Library (LU)
Subject : Education
Full text theses.
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Country : Australia; China; Hong Kong; Malaysia; Singapore;
Owner : irasia.com
Host : irasia.com
Subject : Business
Listed company information for Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.
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Country : Japan;
Owner : Protein Research Foundation
Host : Protein Research Foundation
Subject : Science
Records of articles published in Japanese journal. Articles dealing with structural aspects of proteins and chemical aspects of receptors and processing enzymes of peptide hormones are cited regardless of the number of amino acid residues. Moreover, articles about antigenic sites, functional sites and active fragments of proteins are cited. Contains 440,000 records.
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Country : Nepal;
Owner : John C. Huntington, Susan L. Huntington.
Host : The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Subject : Arts
Photographs by Lain Singh Bangdel of art stolen from Nepal. Each has a brief description. Menu driven.
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Country : Macau;
Owner : Directel Macau Ltd
Host : Directel Macau Ltd
Subject : Business
Searchable telephone directory of Macau businesses.
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Country : Australia;
Owner : Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Library
Host : Informit
Subject : Sociology
A bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts a wide range of media from published and unpublished material on all aspects of Australian immigration and multicultural issues from 1988 onwards.
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Country : Asia;
Owner :
Host : Raflers Museum of Biodiversity Research
Subject : Science
Malesia is a vast geographical region spanning across the tropical Asia from Peninsular Malaya to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The area is rich in all groups of vascular and non-vascular plants. It is one of the three important rain forest reservoirs in the tropics. Mosses are a unique cryptogamic plant group having a sporophytic or spore producing body attached to the gametophytic or gamete producing body. The database is menu driven.
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