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Country : Asia;
Owner : ESCAP
Host : ESCAP
Subject : Statistics
Menu driven database of statistics on population growth, density, fertility etc for Asian countries. 2000-2004.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Owner : SIL International
Host : Ethnologue.com
Subject : Language & Literature
A searchable database of language research documents. Asian countries represented include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Owner : University of Washington Libraries
Host : University of Washington Libraries
Subject : Music
Photographs and descriptions of musical instruments from every continent including 198 records for Asia each with a photograph.
| Online | Free
Country : Indonesia;
Owner : KITLV
Host : KITLV
Subject : Sociology
Abstracts of periodical articles and chapters in books on Indonesia in the fields of the social sciences and humanities published in the period 1968-2008.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Subject : Agriculture
Agro-chemicals bibliographic database containing over 8,000 citations of documents related to fertilizers and crop protection.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Owner : Federal Communications Division
Host : FCC
Subject : Media
A full text database on communications: broadcasting, television, radio, telephony, law, media ownership etc. Plenty of documents refering to Asia.
| Online | Free
Country : South Asia;
Owner : Cambridge University, Centre of South Asian Studies
Host : Cambridge University
Subject : History
50 individual collections totalling in the region of 80 hours of footage. Most are 16mm or 8mm home movies, taken between 1911 and 1956, which give a unique perspective of life in South Asia towards the end of the British Empire and in the first years of independence. The collection covers a broad range of topics.
| Online | Free
Country : Japan;
Owner : Library of Congress
Host : Library of Congress
Subject : Arts
The Prints and Photographs Division houses more than 2,500 Japanese woodblock prints and drawings, dating from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, by such artists as Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi, Sadahide, and Yoshiiku. Subjects include actors, women, landscapes, scenes from Japanese literature and daily life, and Western foreigners.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Owner : Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Host : Sipri
Subject : Defence
Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (FIRST) is a free, joint project of the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The integrated database contains clearly documented information from research institutes around the world. It covers areas in the field of international relations and security, such as hard facts on armed conflicts and peace keeping, arms production and trade, military expenditure, armed forces and conventional weapons holding, nuclear weapons, chronology, statistics and other reference data.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research)
Host : CIFOR
Subject : Forestry
Searchable database of forestry maps with descriptions.
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