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by Herbert Van de Sompel and others. (May 2000).
This introduction to OpenURLs is the first in a series of articles on the subject by Ted Koppel. (TLC Online Newsletter 2004).
Ted Koppel writes about OpenURLs and link resolution. (TLC Online Newsletter October 2003)
by Andy Powell. (June 2001).
Jim Mouw says "In many cases our users actually have multiple paths they can follow since we may own a title in print and have multiple full-text versions of it. We found it highly desirable to provide information on all those choices through a single lin
Describes a bookmarklet technique for linking from the book pages in online bookstores to the record in your local OPAC for the same book. The linkage can be made because services like Amazon embed the book's ISBN in the URL for the page for that book. The bookmarklet extracts the ISBN and then uses it to generate a URL that deep-links into the OPAC Web interface (based on the ISBN). Andy Powell has modified this technique to create an OpenURL bookmarklet. Again, the bookmarklet extracts the ISBN from the Amazon URL. It then uses it to construct an OpenURL for the book (using your preferred OpenURL resolver BASEURL). See also http://www.infoworld.com/articles/op/xml/02/12/19/021219opwebserv.xml
A description of SFX and OpenURL.
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