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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published ISO 15836:2003, Information and documentation-The Dublin Core metadata element set. The Dublin Core metadata standard provides a core set of 15 metadata elements for cross-domain information resource sharing. ISO 15836 is available for purchase in electronic or paper formats, in English and French, from ISO http://www.iso.ch/. A free downloadable pdf file of the ANSI/NISO version is available from the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) website: http://www.niso.org/standards/resources/Z39-85.pdf.
Designed to enable users to explore the DCMI vocabulary in a way that simplifies the discovery and navigation of terms and their definitions, and that illustrates the relationship between terms. Includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.
H. Wagner, S. Weibel describe the deployment of the DCMI metadata registry and discuss the prospects for metadata registries.(Journal of Digital Information 6(2) March 2005).
Version 2.0 is the current version of the NZGLS metadata standard. It can be freely downloaded in PDF format. The NZGLS metadata standard home page is at http://www.e-government.govt.nz/nzgls/standard/
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