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Thomas Baker and Makx Dekkers write that at a meeting organised by the CORES Project (Information Society Technologies Programme, European Union), several organisations regarded as maintenance authorities for metadata elements achieved consensus on a resolution to assign Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to metadata elements as a useful first step towards the development of mapping infrastructures and interoperability services. The signatories of the CORES Resolution agreed to promote this consensus in their communities and beyond and to implement an action plan in the following six months. Six months having passed, the maintainers of GILS, ONIX, MARC 21, CERIF, DOI, IEEE/LOM, and Dublin Core report on their implementations of the resolution and highlight issues of relevance to establishing good-practice conventions for declaring, identifying, and maintaining metadata elements more generally. In June 2003, the resolution was also endorsed by the maintainers of UNIMARC. ( D-Lib Magazine 9( 7/8) July/August 2003)
The objective of this workpackage of The European Library is to discover what metadata is needed to provide TEL functionality so that data is consistent. The report outlines the whole metadata development process.
When completed the Frameswork will provide a comprehensive statement of the standards environment within the National Library of New Zealand.
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