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A draft standard from NISO. (Z39.87-2002).
Marty Lucas explains metadata in a very friendly way. (Mappa Mundi Magazine April 2000)
Karen Coyle writes "The need to express the intellectual property rights of digital materials has focused on access and usage permissions which must be granted by the rights holder. A key set of permissions not acknowledged by these rights expressions is inherent in the legal copyright status of the item. Digital libraries can hold and provide access to many items for which copyright status is the sole governor of use. This article proposes a small set of descriptive data elements that should accompany digital materials to inform potential users of the copyright status of the item."
Shirley Hyatt is the author of this e-print version of an article forthcoming (2004?) as a chapter in International Yearbook of Library and Information Management (Facet Publishing). She examines some of the transformations occurring in the metadata environment that are impacting libraries, collection managers, and online information providers. Trends are presented including shared networked space and proliferation and movement of communities using that space; an emphasis on simplification; a renewed interest in and ability for collocation; and an increase in modularity and recombination of metadata.
The motherlode for all things metadata.
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