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A description of the Interim Standard for knowledge management from Standards Australia.
If you would like to discuss key Knowledge Management issues with your peers across Asia a new community run by the Knowledge Board and financed by the European Commission has launched this Special Interest Group focusing on the Asia Pacific.
A white paper from KMWorld. Entire text downloadable after registration.
The WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management, Global Knowledge Management and Community of Practice. Comprehensive, helpful and lots of full text.
The Council of Australian University Librarians held a KM workshop in May 2003. These are the powerpoint presentations and conclusions of the meeting.
Barbie Keiser writes that information professionals are often called upon to participate in an organization's competitive intelligence program, and they do so in a variety of capacities, playing key roles in the development and maintenance of the process. While they help firms develop effective competitive strategies, information professionals rarely apply the same evaluative techniques to their own operations. This article examines the basic elements of a competitive intelligence program as applied to a library/information center setting. (Source: Information Outlook 6(12) December 2002)
University of Southern California website devoted to knowledge management. Offers overviews, cases studies and critiques of the subject.
The September/October 2003 issue of EDUCAUSE Review online offers A Revolution in Knowledge Sharing, by Donald Norris [and others] and Robby Robson [and others] Share and Share Alike: The E-Knowledge Transformation Comes to Campus.
Antony Satyadas looks at implementing a knowledge management strategy. Many questions must be addressed before users feel comfortable investing in a KM solution, including: Where do I begin? What technology do I need? How do I ensure the process is managed correctly? How do I measure the effectiveness of my knowledge management solution? (DestinationKM.com 3 March 2003)
HKKMS is a professional body for managers and professionals, and serves the growing community of knowledge management practitioners.
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