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Journal pricing and journal refereeing.
Cornell University Library decides to change its subscription plan to Elsever journals. The challenges this presents are described. (Issues in Scholarly Communication November 2003)
by Andrew Odlyzko. (2000). An overview on the rapid evolution of scientific communication.
Opinion, Nature (6 September 2001). A succinct review with many links.
The Office of Fair Trading (UK) says there is evidence to suggest that the STM journals market is not working well. Commercial journal prices appear high at the expense of universities and research institutes. This report was commissioned because of the merger between Reed Elsevier and Harcourt in 2001 which bought to light features about the STM market which needed more investigation. (September 2002)
(September 2001).
by Andrew Odlyzko. (May 2001). Statistical analysis on use of print and electronic information.
By Myer Kutz. The involvement of scholars in science journal publishing. Article in The Searcher 10(1) January 2002.
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