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Digital Culture Forum (DigiCULT Forum) is an IST Support Measure (IST-2001-34898) to establish a regular technology watch for cultural and scientific heritage. DigiCULT Forum will discuss and analyse current and future trends in several technology domains, that have been identified as key areas during the DigiCULT study http://www.digicult.info/pages/report2002/dc_fullreport_230602_screen.pdf . DigiCULT Forum will also function as a stimulus for future R&D in/for the cultural heritage sector.
Report of the meeting held at Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge, Mass., 19-20 November 2001.
By David Pearson. Ariadne, 30, December 2001.
By Stuart D. Lee. ( May 2001). Justifying the costs of digitising library collections.
A web site from OCLC where you'll find information about copyright, digitization, grants assistance and preservation issues, along with links to online resources and reports on what other institutions are doing in the digitization and preservation fields
Sally McKay looks at digitizing archival materials such as sound recordings, video and pictures. (Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship 4(1) 2003)
Anup Kumar Das and others describe digitization and digitization projects on India as well as digital library initiatives such as the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library. Institutional repsoitories (IR) are also discussed. (November 2005).
Ruth Garner, Mark Gillingham, and Yong Zhao discuss the reasons for digitizing photographs. They describe a project in which children and adults in a technology-oriented after-school program in rural Michigan are digitizing photographs for a local historical society. (First Monday 8(1) January 2003)
This report by Ruth Wilson, focuses on digital information displayed on paper-like devices. This has been the stuff of science fiction but new technology makes it more than a possibility. (January 2003)
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